New York – Bell Of Hope at St Paul’s chapel.

If you are visiting New York City one of the must see places is St Paul’s chapel and its Bell of Hope. The small chapel is also known as The Little Chapel That Stood. It is the oldest church building in Manhattan, built in 1766.

The small chapel was a place of tranquility  during the nine eleven attack. The place had miraculously survived the horrendous events. Even months later St Pauls still served as a place where people could pray or talk to counselors. Meals were served and a place to shelter was given.

St Paul's chapel
St Paul’s chapel

The Bell of Hope in St Paul’s churchyard is a symbol for all victims of terrorism. The bell was a gift from London and placed in the churchyard in 2002. Each nine eleven it rings. Four sets of five rings as a tribute to the fallen FDNY’s. Not only then but whenever the world is faced with terrorism or bombings the Bell of Hope will peal.

On the bronze of the bell there is written:

“To the Greater Glory of God
And in Recognition of
The Enduring Links Between
The City of London
The City of New York
Forged in adversity – 11 September 2001″

Bell of Hope
Bell of Hope – St Paul

The impact of what happened is still clearly noticeable when you’re standing in front of the chapel. Personally I got chills standing there, understanding the importance of the place. When you stand there take a moment to close your eyes and send a silent prayer. One for the lives lost at nine eleven but also one for all lives lost in acts of terrorism.

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